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  • The Region view shape of your city will vary based on its “score”.
  • City Shapes
  • Every city, regardless of location has a base of 14 nodes of each wood/stone/iron and 2 lakes.
  • The position of the city relative to nearby forests/hills/mountains/plains will affect how many bonus nodes a new city gets.
  • The amount and type of bonus nodes is provided in the table below. Already existing cities are counted as regular Plains.
Forest8 Wood Nodes4 Wood Nodes
Hill8 Stone Nodes4 Stone Nodes
Mountain8 Iron Nodes4 Iron Nodes
Plain1 Lake1 Lake
Ocean1 Lake1 Lake
  • Example:
This city will have the following resource nodes:
26 Wood (14 base + 12 bonus)
22 Stone (14 base + 8 bonus)
18 Iron (14 base + 4 bonus)
6 Lakes (2 base + 4 bonus)
  • Your first city is free; after that, you need to follow these steps:
  • You may also want to look at the First 7 Day Tutorial
  1. Upgrade Moonglow Tower to level 10.  
  2. Purify enough resources for title advancement (see research tab).  Advance your title.
  3. Upgrade Trinsic Temple to level 10. 
  4. Recruit a baron (currently costs 50k iron and 100k gold)
  5. You will also require a minimum of 2 Markets (although it would be faster to build 3 or 4).  Upgrade markets to get 250 carts
  6. Instead of markets you can also use 25 trade ships.  You will need to build at least 1 harbor.
  7. You will need 250 carts or 25 trade ships; one market at level 10 only provides 200 carts, hence the reason for the requirement of two.
  8. Send Baron to settle a new city, or create order in a lawless city (no difference in cost of resources).
  9. 100,000 Wood & Stone, 25,000 Iron & Food and 250 carts or 25 trade ships required. 
  10. If someone else builds a city on your chosen spot (or claims a lawless city) while your baron is en route, your baron will simply return to the originating city, along with all carts and resources, and you can send him again to some other free spot. You will not lose anything but time.
  • To conquer player-controlled cities, you need a castle. See PvP section for more information.
  • To abandon a city, select Abandon City from the bottom of the Town Hall menu. If you only own one city, there will not be an option to abandon your city. You can instead restart your account by clicking Options>Account>Restart Game. You will start at a new location with a three-point city. You cannot restart within the first 40 hours of play, and you cannot restart again for seven days.
  • Abandoning multiple cities or manually restarting requires an abandon code that will be sent to your registered email for security purposes. The abandon code can be used for multiple cities within the same 24-hour period. When you abandon or restart, you will keep your title. (It’s impossible to lose your title.)
  • If all of your cities are destroyed, you will be restarted. There is no need for an abandon code in this case.
  • If you don’t play on a particular world at all for 15 days (for barons or lower) or 30 (for earl or higher,) your game on that world will be deleted. There is no other way to delete a game other than closing your account which will affect all worlds.
  • You can send a baron to settle a lawless city, which costs the same resources as creating a new city (100k wood, 100k stone, 25k iron and 25k food), but you get the buildings already built. Non-castled lawless cities do not require an army to be sent with the baron, but castled lawless cities can only be taken by a baron and army sent from a castled city.
  • If a baron arrives at a lawless city that was settled after he left his home city, but before arriving at the lawless city, he will return to his home city with the 250k resources. If this happens, be prepared to have sufficient storage capacity available, or you will lose excess resources. If you abandon a city anytime after settling it, you will lose the resources and baron.
  • Lawless cities decay 1 level of building per hour, starting with the highest level buildings. Often, the town hall in a lawless city will have lost a few levels, which will require the new owner to upgrade the town hall to be able to build any new buildings.
  • Once a lawless city decays down to only 3 points, it turns into ruins. Ruins cannot be settled, and only last a few hours before disappearing completely. Lawless cities and ruins can be identified on the map by their gray color.
  • There are cases when players want to migrate to different continents. For example, if a lot of alliance members are living all around the map, coordinating activities is very challenging. Thus, many advanced alliances require migration to a primary continent.
  • Cities can be built on other continents. In order to do that, one needs to have 25 merchant ships (e.g. from one level-10 harbour). There is a significant gold bonus for completing the quest of settling multiple continents.
  • Travel time between continents is long. For example, between continent 55 and 42, travel time is more than 24 hours for one direction. Thus, it will take 48 hours to get ships there and back to the originating city.
  • A city does not need a Harbour or Marketplace to receive resources sent by Merchant ship, nor does it need to be on the coast. It does need to have a river along its side (not just touching a corner).
  • If you send a baron to settle a tile and a new player is placed there before your settlers arrive, he will be sent back to the city of origin with the 250k resources that were sent with him.
  • Empty continents cannot be settled by existing players until the server opens the continent for new player settlement.

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