Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recruitment Times


In LoU there is a balance between how many troops your city can hold and how fast you can recruit them. Since the recruitment times are rounded to the nearest second there comes a time when one more stable or even 5 more stables will not increase how fast you can recruit a knight. The table below shows the different troops and the fastest reasonable time you can recruit them and still maintain a decent number of barracks. You can of course get most of them (except city guards, one second is as fast as you can get) to go faster but you’ll sacrifice a lot of barracks space for that one second you’ll gain per unit. The table also shows the speed needed if you sacrifice one or two seconds for being able to have more troops in the city for selected units.
*Ships have a maximum base recruitment percentage of 1900% this can be increased through research.
*Barons can also be increased via research.
*Ships are also affected by Humility Virtue Bonus ~ Vulcan
PictureNameRecruitment BuildingOptimal SpeedOptimal time+1 s+2 swood/hstone/hiron/hgold/h
CityguardCity GuardCity Guard House Level 13350%00:00:012001%1430%360.000
BerserkerBerserkerTraining Ground Level 18025%00:00:025715%4445%270.000
RangerRangerTraining Ground Level 47150%00:00:035557%4546%192.000
GuardianGuardianTraining Ground Level 108575%00:00:036668%5456%168.00048.000
ScoutScoutStable Level 18575%00:00:036668%5456%48.000144.000
CrossbowmanCrossbowmanStable Level 58025%00:00:077060%6317%77.142102.857
KnightKnightStable Level 107700%00:00:066668%5883%150.00060.000
MageMageMoonglow Tower Level 18025%00:00:077060%6317%25.71477.142
WarlockWarlockMoonglow Tower Level 78400%00:00:157880%7430%24.00084.000
TemplarTemplarTrinsic Temple Level 17800%00:00:046365%5386%81.00090.000
PaladinPaladinTrinsic Temple Level 68250%00:00:087369%6668%90.00072.000
BaronBaronTrinsic Temple Level 108600%00:11:38
RamRamWorkshop Level 18475%00:00:29
BalistaBalistaWorkshop Level 68450%00:00:41
CatapultCatapultWorkshop Level 108425%00:00:47
SloopSloopShipyard Level 11900%00:21:56
FrigateFrigateShipyard Level 61900%00:35:05
War GalleonWar GalleonShipyard Level 101900%01:10:11
Recruitment Speed Calculator (Google Docs Spreadsheet)
Shipyards max: Click for Flash Planner for Shipyards
The nice thing about shipyard layouts is they very rarely require removal of resource nodes other than to maximize food. The layout above shows what you need for the max of 1900% (not including research).
Other buildings max: Click for Flash Planner for other buildings
The layout above shows a standard build to get 8600% with Training Grounds, you can use any other building in their place. To get the lower amounts replace TG with barracks in the upper right (of course that placement can go anywhere it fits with the least resource node removals).

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