Tuesday, July 2, 2013


As Faith increases in a Virtue, so do the bonuses you and your alliance mates receive.
The Bonuses are based across the board, from Building Durability increased by Honesty, to Combat values of beserkers increased by honor.
However, even if you get 150 level 1 palaces, 1*150 = 150% faith, the bonus value is capped at 100%.

1 Faith = .5% bonus, the max bonus is 100%, {twice the bonus from research (resource bonus maxes at 50%)} 200 faith will give you the max bonus of 100% (stacks with resources bonus) *
VirtueType of BonusBonuses
CompassionMixedTravel speed of Inf., Scouts, and Cav. Bonus to base construction speed of all cities
HonestyMixedDurability of Towers/Buildings and travel speed of siege engines and ships
HonorOffensive CombatIncreased Combat Value of Beserks, Mages, Scouts, Knights and Warlocks
HumilityProduction/logisticsIncreased travel speed of carts and merch ships, increased prod. speed of sloops, frigs and war galleons
JusticeDefensive CombatIncreased combat values of City Guard,Ballistas, Sloops and Frigs.
SacrificeDefensive CombatIncreased combat values of Rangers, Guards, Templars, Crossbows and Paladin.
SpiritualityBarons/manaTravel speed,claim power, and prod. speed of barons, increased mana regeneration/hr
ValorSiege CombatCombat Values of Rams, Catapults and War Galleons

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