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CastleConstruction of the Castle allows a lord to loot and conquer other cities. Note that this allows their holdings to be looted and conquered. Also, this allows the plundering of other cities, a lord to attack and to siege any city with a Castle, and a division of the army into 10 smaller armies. Only one Castle can be built in each city. Cannot be fully demolished or destroyed once built.Town Hall Level 8


  • New player protection prevents other players from attacking or plundering your city for seven days from the day you create your first city (i.e. cities that send you through the creation tutorial will have newbie protection). Number after peace time icon tells remaining duration.
  • New player protection will be instantly removed upon building a castle, and it does not apply to newly founded or conquered cities.


  • You can only attack other players from cities that have a castle. However, building a castle means that your castled city can also be attacked or even taken over and lost to another player. Castling your first city before you have more cities is nearly always a bad idea.
  • Castles, once built, are permanent. You cannot regain newbie protection even if it has been less than seven days, and you cannot move or rebuild your castle in a new place inside your city.


  • If you loose all of your cities, you will have the option to start over at a different location. You will keep any moonstones, artifacts/items, and gold you had when your last city fell.  


  • Scout – Uses Scouts to attempt to gather information on another city. Anyone can be Scouted, including non-castled cities, but you must have a castle to do the Scouting. 
  • Plunder – Plundering is used to loot resources from other cities. Anyone can be Plundered, including non-castled cities, but you must have a castle to do the Plundering. In a plunder, the defender will suffer limited casualties.
  • Assault – An Assault is a single attack that focuses on dealing damage to a city and its units. The attacking force is sent out once, attacks the target city, and any surviving units return home. Only cities with a castle can Assault and be Assaulted.
  • Siege – A Siege is a prolonged series of attacks on a city. The troops you send out will continue to attack the city in hourly waves until destroyed or recalled. Each wave deals 1/5 of the damage an assault would deal both to the attacker and the defender. Only cities with a castle can Siege and be Sieged. Sieging is also the command that allows you to take over a castled city when you have a Baron in the attacking force. In order to conquer any city, one must add a Baron to the sieging force. This also applies to castled Lawless Cities.
  • Support – Sends troops to help defend another city. Their numbers will be counted as defensive units in the defending city. Troops can be recalled by their owner or sent back by the city they were sent to. Supporting troops cannot be controlled by the defended city except to send them back. Does not require a castle.
  • Raid – Raiding can only be performed on the dungeons and bosses scattered around the world and is strictly Player vs. Environment (PvE). When raiding you come across all kinds of creatures and can grab yourself some easy loot. Does not require a castle.


  • A baron conquers a city by increasing his Claim on the city at a rate of 1 to 10% per hour. The amount of the Claim effect depends on how many troops the defender has and how strong the sieging attack is. The Barons’ Claim effect does not stack; regardless of how many barons are with the sieging force, a city can be Claimed at a maximum rate of 10% per hour. The Claim effect is also lowered during protection hours (night protection, morning protection, etc.).
  • The baron is counted as an infantry unit, and thus he does have a chance of getting killed during a siege. If all barons of the sieging armies are killed, conquering Claim percentage resets to zero.


  • A city under siege cannot initiate trades, but it can receive shipments from other cities.


  • Anyone can send troops to help out the besieged city. Sending support troops does not require a castle.
  • Troops supporting a besieged city will eat food from the city under siege. If the siege fails and the troops remain, they will consume food from their home villages. Eating happens automatically – one does not need to transport food using carts or ships.


  • As of January 2011, the following minimum troop strength is required for PvP attacks. The minimum is about 1% (previously about 3%) of the maximum army size of the attacking city. This was implemented to reduce the effectiveness of “fake attacks”, sending multiple minimal attacks to disguise the true intended attack and dilute the defender’s defensive troops in any one city.
City maximum troop strengthMinimum attack force
up to 20,0001
up to 40,000200
up to 60,000500
up to 80,000800
up to 100,0001,000
up to 120,0001,200
up to 160,0001,600
up to 200,0002,000
up to 240,0002,500
up to 400,0003,000
Additional notes:
  • The minimum troop strength does not apply to raiding, attacking lawless cities, founding cities or sending support but currently is required for scouting.
  • While a player sieges another city, he can send additional attacks of any size (e.g. a single baron) to the same target city.
  • If a city has already sent an attack to a target city with the required size, it can send more attacks of any size to the same target city.
Attacker’s city countMinimum attack force


  • Two icons in top right indicates if there are incoming attacks against you or against your alliance members with Defense Minister. Number of current incoming attacks is shown after icons. Clicking icon shows more information.


  • Ships can be used to attack and defend cities that are next to water.  Ships will fight against normal units, but will not get defense bonuses from walls or towers.
  • Sloops have better defense but also deal damage to defending troops.
  • Frigates deal damage to defending troops; additionally, they can also carry some of the attacker’s troops (500 TS each) to the target.
  • War Galleon ships deal damage to defending troops, but also will deal damage to city structures like walls, production buildings, and towers.


  • Successful attacks against city structures lower their level.
  • The ‘HP’ (Hit Points) of a buildings depends on how much resources it cost to upgrade, e.g: a build which cost 50 wood and 25 stone to upgrade to level 1, would require 75 ‘damage to buildings’ to destroy it.
  • If Town Hall’s level is bombarded down, owner of the city cannot build buildings that require certain level of Town Hall. For example Camouflage traps require Town Hall level 10 and if Town Hall is bombarded from l.10 to l.9, more Camouflage traps cannot be built.
  • Existing buildings however remain active and grant their benefits.


  • Night protection decreases attacking strength on attacks carried out during servers’ night time. It does not apply to PvE (raiding dungeons or bosses).

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