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General PvP Notes

General Notes

Strategies will only help you gain an edge if your opponent is about equal in military power.  If you have one castle and they have ten, chances are, you will loose.  You can look at the ranking list to see how many offensive/defensive TS other people have.  The names are not revealed, you can see where you stand on a continent.  Pick your target carefully.  As the saying goes: if you can't beat them, join them. :)

Time Commitment

Lord of Ultima requires a lot of time commitment, especially if you are going military or PvP.  Many of these strategies requires you to be online when the attack hits, so you can move troops around, send support, recall sieges, send reinforcements, etc...  If you don't have time to spend on the game, I would recommend not to play PvP.  You may also ask someone you trust to sub for you when you are away.

Join an alliance

It would be very difficult to fight by yourself.  Coordinated PvP is much more effective than being a lone ranger.  You will be fighting on a different level.  Join an alliance and get help from your peers, preferably the #1 or #2 alliance on your continent. Win or loose, it will be a lot more fun.


To play PvP effectively, you must have ministers to schedule attacks, schedule defense, auto recruit, notify your alliance of incoming attacks, etc.  Sometimes, seconds are crucial in PvP.  You also don't want to stay up late to schedule an attacks that lands at 10 am.

More on ministers

Offense vs. Defense

  • Offensive Troop Types:  Scouts, Berserkers, Knights, Mages, Warlocks, Catapults, Rams, War Galleons
  • Defensive Troop Types: City Guards, Rangers, Crossbows, Guardians, Templars, Paladins, Ballistas, Sloops
  • Special Troop Types: Frigates (used to carry troops) and Barons (to conquer a castle)
For stats, see the post on Units

Should you recruit more offensive or defensive troop?  The answer is both.  But how many of each type depends on the type of player you are and the continent you're in.  If you are on a safe continent (a continent that is primarily dominated by your alliance without any non-allied castles,) you may want to recruit mostly offensive troops.  Offensive troops such as zerks and knights are also much better at raiding dungeons then their counterparts: rangers and xbows.

If you are on a hostile continent, you may want to recruit more defensive troops.  You will get attacked, since most alliance will want to eliminate threats and take the entire continent for themselves.  Offensive troops will drop like flies when attacked.  Their defensive stats are generally very low.

More about offensive and defensive strategies.

Military Builds

Refrain from building a rainbow castle!  A rainbow castle is one that has every single unit type in it.  You will get laughed at attacking with a rainbow army.  Imagine Bay to Breaker in San Francisco.  :)

Jokes aside, your focus should be on maximizing recruiting speed and barrack space.  There are a few exceptions.  For example:
  1. Very early stage of the game when you can't really afford to build an entire military castle. You may want to mix resources and military and castle it for a free title advancement.
  2. Self-fed castle.  This is a castle that has mixed food and military.  Generally only for people who play without ministers. 
  3. You may want to put a trinsic temple in an offensive castle to conquer a castle.
  4. Troops/Frigate castles.  For intercontinental purposes.
It's also recommended not to mix offensive and defensive troops in the same castle.  When you send an attack, it's much better to attack with one group of 100k TS, than ten groups with 10k TS each.  You cannot combine units from different castles for offense, but you can for defense.  Again, there are exceptions to the mixed troop rule, for example:
  1. Very early stage of the game, when you can't afford building an entire castle for offense and another for defense.  You need different types of troops for different purposes, but you only have one castle.  
  2. For raiding, some players like to mix beserkers and guardians because guardians can carry 1.5x loot than beserkers.


Keep in mind that this is only a game.  The person on the other side is a real human being.  Have fun and don't be a jerk.  If you have something to say, send them a polite message.  Hate mail gets reposed on alliance forum to get laughed at.  

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