Tuesday, July 2, 2013


  • Purified resources are made by having a level 10 moonglow tower in the city.
  • Each 1,000 of normal resource equals to 1 purified resource.
  • Purified resources are held empire wide like gold. If you create darkwood in one city you can add it to darkwood from another city.
  • Purified resources can’t be plundered.
  • Purified resources can also be gained as combat reward.

The four purified resources are:

  • Darkwood – Requires 1000 wood
  • Runestone – Requires 1000 stone
  • Veritum – Requires 1000 iron
  • Trueseed – Requires 1000 food.

Purified Resources are used for research and increasing player titles.


  • The purified resources are then used in research to increase stats for your units in the game.
  • The higher the level of research you go the more purified resources you need.
  • For example:
  • Infantry troops : Travel Speed level 1 = 500 Trueseed
  • Infantry troops : Travel Speed Level 2 = 1,500 Trueseed

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