Thursday, July 14, 2011

Your First City in LoU

The goal of the first city is to make a second city. This city has following buildings:
  • about 74 resource buildings (wood/stone/iron/food/gold)
  • 20 cottages (next to wood/stone or iron)
  • a moonglow tower (to purify resources)
  • a barrack (to house your baron)
  • a trinsic temple (to produce a baron)
  • at least 2 marketplaces (to send resources with your baron to found a new city)
  • 1 warehouse (if you don't play often, you may want to add another warehouse)
This is my first city layout:
Note: when you go through the tutorial, you have to build a hideout, a cityguard house and a training ground.  I destroyed these buildings afterwards to make room for more resource buildings.

After the tutorial, you should download LoU Tweaks (see previous post.) Click on the "L" button and use either the autoplanner 1 or the autoplanner 2 to plan your city with wood/stone/iron/food resource buildings.  Manually add 1 or 2 warehouses next to either a sawmill or a stonemason.  Add at least 2 marketplaces (you may want to add a 3rd marketplace or a harbor.)  Add townhouses next to marketplaces or harbor.  Add a trinsic temple and a barrack next to it.  Add a moonglow tower.  After you're done with the layout, COPY URL in the autoplanner and paste in the Overlay layout box of the city layout.  Apply layout and build your city exactly as planned.

You can optionally build the entire city manually without the help of the autoplanner.  I personally recommend this so that you enjoy the whole experience of LoU, then compare your build to the one generated by the autoplanner.

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