Thursday, July 14, 2011

LoU Third Party Tools


Don't get too overwelmed by all the scripts.  They're supposed to make game play easier, not confusing. There are tens of different types of scripts out there, some of them are illegal because they replicate ministers.  I'm only posting the ones that are pre-approved by EA.  If you're a beginner, start wit LoU Tweak and learn how to use the auto city planner.  When you have time, try out the other ones.

Firefox users need to download Greesemonkey :

LoU Tweak: This gives you keyboard shortcuts so you can do things faster, adds a "L" button so you can get the layout of your city, and lets you put overlay of the planned city over your current city. A must!!!

One Defiant Extension (TDK):  One click shortcuts to send palace resources, attack, siege, plunder, one click to build a type of buildings, etc...

MERC Tools: Provide additional info on incoming attacks.  Use palace items below your current title on alliance members enlightened cities. Generate mailing list for each continent.  Provide title advancement info and purified resource.  If you have ministers, it can also assist with raid scheduling.  Assist with combat scheduling.  Fill building queue with unpaid orders.  Convert unpaid orders to paid orders.

LoU Dungeons Riding:  Provide additional info to dungeon reports.
Die Fanfare, Die!!!  Remove the fanfare button under command summary.

BoS tools: Gives you a summary of your production/hr, and other stats of your empire.

LoU Suites  I use it mainly for the boss raider

SkraggleScript (SKS)  Assist with dungeon raids, boss raids, PvP.  Provide incoming attack info, etc.

LoU City Sort.  Sorts your cities by their reference.

Nessus River Guardian Tools.  Another script that assist with raids and PvP.

Auto City planners

Auto City planner 1: This is use in conjunction with the Flash City Planner:

Auto City planner 2:

I personally use auto city planner 1, but auto city planner 2 is easier to use. The autoplanners are not accurate for food cities. I will show you how to make food cities in a later post. After you downloaded LoU Tweaks, (you may have to restart your browser) click on the L button underneath the building queue to get a layout of your city.

The autoplanners help you build efficient resource cities. I will show you how to build military cities in a later post. Pure resource cities should yield from 75k to 90k/hr (food counts as .5, gold counts as 1.7), depending on the location of the city. I've seen so many cities with 60k/hr that makes me cringe! The more efficient your city, the faster you'll grow. Don't build mix resource/military cities. It's much more efficient to build pure resource or pure military. The only exception is if you don't use ministers, then you'll need food in military cities.

It takes me about 5 minutes to plan a new city with the autoplanner. I usually use these modifiers
  • use_slots=97
  • num_cottages=20
Now that I have maxed out construction speed research and construction speed bonus from shrine, I use num_cottages=0

It may take a little bit of time to learn how to use the auto planner, but it's the best secret in LoU. If you use this, you'll automatically be better than anyone who don't use it. The Autoplanner is a must!!!

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