Friday, July 15, 2011

Gold City

Pure Gold City

Gold becomes increasingly important as you progress in the game.  From when you have 5 to 50 cities, gold is very scarce.  You need gold for title research and to recruit certain troops (mage, guardian, templar, scout, knight, warlock, crossbowman, paladin, frigate, war galleon and baron).  It also gives you the flexibility to buy resources you are short on.  You can store an unlimited amount of gold.  [Once you stop building resource cities and only build military cities, raiding will bring in so much gold and you'll have to start worrying about food.  But for now, Gold City!]

At max, a pure gold city can produce a little over 45k/hr.  See Gold City Layout here.

The city has 3000 carts and 180 ships but these carts and ships will be rarely used if ever.  In the next post, I'll show you how to turn gold city into a gold city/hub which is a much more efficient use for this city.

How to build a Gold City
  1. Overlay the layout above on your selected city.  Your city should be next to a river
  2. Upgrade your town hall to level 4
  3. Build 40 cottages where a permanent building will not be placed (i.e. the Northwestern quadrant of your city)
  4. Upgrade the cottages to level 6 or 7, CS should be around 2000%
  5. Upgrade your town hall to lvl 10
  6. Place all buildings on available empty space as shown on the overlayout
  7. Upgrade all buildings to lvl 10
  8. Destroy resource nodes in the center section and the Lower Right section of your city
  9. Delete cottages and replace them with permanent buildings.  

Gold Production in River Cities
  • The pure goldcity produces 45,180g/hr, so each building makes 451g/hr.
  • The center section of the city has 58 buildings and makes 25,600g/hr.  Thus each building makes 441g/hr.
  • The first 15 river buildings make 506g/building.  The next 6 river buildings make 466g/building.
  • Building on water makes the most income/building.  So every city on water should have at least 15 buildings for gold.  You also need marketplaces and/or harbor in almost every city, so putting gold in every city makes more sense than building pure gold city.
15 river buildings 

21 river buildings 

27 river buildings

33 river buildings

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