Friday, July 15, 2011

Palace Hubs

Continental or Palace Hub - Ideal for shipping resources to palaces.  
  • Layout:
  • Storage: 40 million wood, 40 million stone, 7 million iron, 7 million food
  • Carts: 6200
  • If use as a palace hub, this should be built close to a shrine.
  • Should be on water to receive intercontinental shipments
  • All cities in the region should ship surplus resources here

Other Hub Layouts - You can build fewer of storage and more carts/ships as you need.  I also like to add a barrack and a trinsic temple to send barons to new continents.

As the game progresses, you'll need more and more and more storage and shipment to palaces.  I will show you how to create a system of hubs, consisting of 2, 6, or 8 hubs in a later entry.


  1. in case your hub is attacked, you can purify the res

  2. James, that's one of the reason.

    But even when you're not attacked, your hub should constantly be receiving resources from other cities. If there is a moonglow tower, it will automatically purify excess resources (provided you have a trade minister) so you won't waste anything.

    I generally put a moonglow tower in every city I build so I never have to worry about resources being wasted.