Friday, September 2, 2011

System of Hubs for Palace Donation

You do not need this until later in the game, when donation to palaces is the focus.  It's most useful when donating to places lvl 4 or more.  Each city can ship out 16 million in resource in 1 shipment.  If you have 10 cities, that's 160 million resources!  You can fill a level 1-3 palace in 1 wave!!!

You need at least 2 cities, but you may want to build as many as 10 or more.  Build these cities as close together as you can to cut down shipping time.

City 1: See Palace Hub
When use in the system of hubs, this city should not be used to send resources to palaces manually.  Carts should be available to fill cities 2-10.

City 2-10: Shipping
Set wood/stone level at 8 million each.  With 16,600 carts, you can ship out all 16 million in 1 shipment.  This city can be on water or landlocked.

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