Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mage Castle

Mage is my favorite type of unit to attack other castles.  It's arguably, the most powerful offensive unit in the game.  Mages also provide a different type of attack, magic, that's harder to defend.  Their downside is their inferiority for raiding and plundering (they only carries half the goods berserkers would carry)

  • Layout
  • Max Troop Cap: 280K mages
  • Recruitment Time:  7sec/mage
  • Storage: 575k wood/stone/iron 1.3mil food
  • Purification/shipping capabilities
  • Requires: ministers, 35k food/hr

How to Build
Similar to Berserker castle, the only difference is the trade minister and defense minister setting.  Set trade minister to 200k wood, 220k stone, 500k iron, 1mil food.  Set auto recruit to 280k mages

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