Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to Build a Kick-ass Berserker Castle

Berserker is your most basic type of unit in the game.  They're my favorite because they're fast to recruit, cheap to make, good for raiding and is generally pretty good offensive troops.  My berserker castle below.

  • Layout:
  • Max Troop Cap: 300K Bersekers
  • Recruitment Time:  3sec/zerk
  • Storage: 775k wood/stone 1.9mil iron/food
  • Purification/shipping capabilities
  • Requires: ministers, 75k food/hr

How to Build
  1. Copy the full link (not the short URL) to the layout of this castle and overlay it on your city.  You'll need LoU Tweaks.
  2. Set trade minister with resource targets at: 200k wood, 220k stone, 1mil iron, 1mil food. Request missing resource from nearby hub.  Surplus goes back to hub
  3. Set building mister to auto upgrade, except for cottages
  4. Set target army at 300k berserkers, auto upgrade walls and towers
  5. Upgrade townhall to lvl 4.
  6. Build 40 temp cottages and upgrade to lvl 6 or 7, depending on how fast you want to build the castle
  7. Upgrade townhall and add permanent buildings, as shown in the layout.   Make sure you build storage, marketplace, moonglow tower some time early on.  Don't build a castle yet
  8. Upgrade walls and towers to lvl 10.  
  9. When all existing permanent buildings are at level 10, delete 8 cottages and add 8 permanent buildings
  10. Build a castle and upgrade all building to 10
Of Note:
  • Don't build a castle until you have enough resources to build it and enough food to support it
  • This castle requires that you have ministers.  If you don't have minister, add food in the castle.
  • Require 75kfood/hr.  I'll show you how to make a food city in a later post
  • This castle should be landlocked (not on water)
  • You should also have adequate defenses in case it's attacked.  Unless you're on a secure continent.


  1. What towers would you have in this particular layout ?

  2. The short answer is 2 lookout towers and 22 ranger towers.

    The long answer:
    There are 4 types of attacks in the game: infantry, cavalry, magic and artillery. However, if you have a land locked castle, you only have to worry about the first 3.

    Defense against infantry: ranger
    Defense against cavalry: guardian, xbow
    Defense against magic: templar, paladin
    Defense against artillery: ballista, sloop(water only)

    My defense is composed of rangers, xbowmen, paladins and sloops. I use xbowmen and paladins over guardians and templars because they are twice as fast. They are better at raiding, so when they're not defending, they are bringing in resources. I use sloops and not ballistas for the same reason. Ballistas cannot raid at all. So they just eat away at resources.

    Of the type of troops I use, only rangers can be in towers. So that's why I only make ranger towers. The simplicity is great as well.

    You may ask, what happens if I get attacked by catapults or rams. People don't typically send cats/rams until the castle is cleared of troops. Cats/rams are good at destroying castles, but they are terrible against troops. So any troop type you have against them is fine.

  3. Thanks for the response and thanks for a brilliant blog. I come here as a source of info for my game, to learn, and have found your guides very well written and informative. Keep up the good work !

  4. What towers are better on resource cities?

  5. I typically don't build towers on resource cities. Normal resource cities don't need to be protected unless it's a main hub. When you get a plunder alert, just purify all resources just before the plunder hit.

    On hostile continents where I would get plundered a lot, I'd build 2 lookout towers so I know when attacks arrive to purify or ship out resources.

    If it's a hub AND it's used to provide resources to all surrounding cities, I'd build ranger towers for the same reason above.

    Towards the end of the game when I've pretty much researched everything I wanted, I build towers on resource cities to boost my score. Any type of towers will give you 80 pts at level 10, so pick anything between ranger, balista, guardian or templar

  6. I started to build a zerker castle on a city that is on the water. I know this is bad, but how bad? is it worth just deleting and starting fresh?

    1. In general, when you're starting out, you should build all land-locked castles. This will limit your attackers to your current continent. You are also protected from War Galleon (which could be pretty scary for a beginner)

      However, if your alliance controls the water, you can build castles wherever you want, water or landlocked. Or if your alliance is planning water attacks, then build zerk/frigate castles (and mage/frigate, knight/frigate castles) for war (and raiding when not warring.)

      I can't really answer your question because I don't know the situation you are in. It depends a lot on your alliance's castling policy. Ask the leadership.

  7. Is there any point in having cottages (4-5) in a fully completed castle?

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  9. Too Bad the game is ending but honestly in certain circumstances water castles are the way to go. Have your ever heard of a powerful Military without a Navy? We castle on water all the time especially when invading a new continent. This way u can bring in defense from off shore and concentrate primarily on building offense to support your invasion.