Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Level 10 Palace City Layout

- High construction speed
- Food storage, some wood and stone storage
- Castle (required for enlightenment)
- Moonglow Tower for purification of excess resources
- Basic defense
- External defense
- Nearby hub
- High score and short distance for increased chance of enlightenment

Building Strategies and Procedure
  1. Build around shrines and take up as many spots around them.  This ensures that you have control of the shrine and takes up spots so that other alliances cannot take them.  Take the closest landlocked spot to the shrine and designate it as your alliance's level 10 palace.  Unless your alliance has control of the water, it's usually not recommended to build your palace on water.
  2. Build a regular resource city with a Cityguard House.  Recruit your City Guards in that city.  Build walls and 2 Scout Towers and 22 Ballista Towers, or other defense towers of your choice.
  3. As soon as the shrine becomes activated, build a castle.  Make sure you have external defenses nearby.
  4. When your castle is enlightened and resources are shipped in with "Palace Delivery," build the palace. As you upgrade the palace, convert resource buildings to cottages for increased construction speed.  See chart below:
  5. You should also have hubs nearby (see System of Hubs for Palace Donation).  A lot of defenses should also be somewhat close.
  6. There should be plenty of other castles around the shrine to build up faith.  A level 9 palace only contributes 16% faith.  Your alliance needs a minimum of 96% faith to build a lvl 10 palace.  So 80% of faith must come from somewhere else.  Building a whole bunch of low level palaces is a lot easier than building a few higher level palaces.  Just make sure you "Lock The Palace" at a certain level to prevent it from getting enlightened again.  You want to focus on the lvl 10 palace and get it to enlighten as often as possible.
                       Palace Level   -  Recommended Min CS  -  Time
                       1                        400%                              2.5days
                       2                        2000%                            3 days
                       3                        2500%                            3 days 
                       4                        2500%                            4 days
                       5                        3700%                            4 days
                       6                        4400%                            5 days
                       7                        6000%                            5 days
                       8                        7500%                            6 days
                       9                        10000%                          6 days
                       10                      10000%                          9 days
Construction speed can be accomplished by cottages, shovels, research, or faith bonus.  Thus it is possible to get over 10k CS.  You may also use Medallions to fast forward construction.

Example of a level 10 Palace Layout


  1. why those warehouses ? with the mills ? you dont need any food 0_o

  2. You'll need it if you get attacked. Lvl 10 palace is a huge target.

  3. lol with 6 warehouse you have storage 1,3 bilion??? is impossible ...

    1. Did I say I have 1.3 billion storage somewhere?

  4. a trick I suggest is by downgrading the Town Hall by a level and using a Valorite Key. Repeat as necessary. 20000% construction speed really quickens those last few level upgrades.