Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Lock Palaces from Being Enlightened

Update:  After the patch of March 13, 2012, you can no longer "lock" the palace.  When you build or upgrade a place, it automatically jumps to the top of the building queue.  If another building is being built, it's reset and pushed down the queue for the palace.

You can, however, reduce the enlightenment chance of that city by  reducing the city score.  This means demoing walls/towers and all other buildings inside the city except for the palace.  More information on forcing enlightenment is here


When the alliance has enough faith (or close to having enough faith i.e. 96%) to build a lvl 10 palace, you only want your level 10 palace to get enlightened.  To prevent surrounding lower level palaces from being enlightened, you'll want to "lock" the current enlightenment so it wont get enlightened again.

Since palaces that are being upgraded cannot get enlightened, you can accomplish this by putting the upgrade on the building queue but never let it upgrade.

  1. Set the Building Minister to "Keep the Building Queue Order"
  2. Make sure you already have 100 buildings.  Assign another new building to the Building Minister
  3. Upgrade the palace.

That's it!

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