Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Subsequent Cities

My third, fourth  and fifth cities will be resource cities, with equal amounts of wood/stone/iron and food (use the auto city planner to maximize resource production)

My actual cities on world 83:

Third city:  http://bit.ly/VNrqVQ
Fourth city: http://bit.ly/ZDzEpb
Fifth city:  http://bit.ly/VNrIfo

My sixth city will be a full zerk castle.  This city makes 3 sec zerks and has a max capacity of 300k troop strength (TS).  See http://lordofultimastrategies.blogspot.com/2011/09/how-to-build-kick-ass-berserker-castle.html.  This castle recruits zerks, and my second city will not switch to recruiting rangers.

Now I have 2 castles, my second and my sixth cities.  When I have enough purified resources to research my second city, I will get my 8th city for free.  

My 7th city will be another resource city and my 8th will be a castle.  When I have around 10 cities, I will go full military  This means I will stop building resource cities, unless I take a lawless that's a resource city.  Most of my cities will be military.  I castle both offensive and defensive.  They are always raiding, even the defensive once.  Raiding brings in about 4 -10 times more than a typical resource city, so in the long run you will grow faster with raiding cities.  I will also build food cities and hubs.  Zerks are the best for raiding, but I also build Knights and Mages for war.  For defense, I build rangers, pallies and xbows. Navy comes later.

My 10th city is a regional hub with baron launching capabilities.  This will allow me to launch 5 barons at once.  

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