Thursday, April 12, 2012

Raiding Dungeons and Bosses

Lou wiki provides some good info on dungeons and bosses.   But they're also lengthy and not optimized for advanced stage dungeons.   My recommendations are optimized for ministers.  You can set an army of a certain size to repeat raids on a dungeon until it reaches 100% and closes.  I mainly use berserkers to raid, but any type of unit (except city guards, scouts, catapults, rams and balistas) can raid

Dungeon Level      1        2         3 4        5       6         7         8         9        10
Recommended    15     200     1k     3k     6k     15k     25k     40k     60k     100k

Boss Level             1       2        3 4        5         6         7         8         9      
Recommended    50     300     2k     4k     10k     15k     20k     30k     45k

Berserkers, Knights, and Mages are strong offensive units so they can be used to raid any type of dungeon.  However, each type of dungeon has a weakness against a type of troop.
Forest DungeonWeakness:  Calvary
Best troops to send: Knights, Paladins, or Xbowmen (Knights and Xbows carry 1.5x the goods as a zerk. Palies carry 2x as much as zerks so adjust the number of troops accordingly.)
Hill DungeonWeakness:  Magic
Best troops to send: Mages or Warlocks  (I use zerks here too because mages and warlocks are not good raiders and does not carry as much as zerks.  If you send mages, send 2x as much as zerks)
Mountain DungeonWeakness:  Infantry
Best troops to send: Berserkers, Rangers, Guardians, or Templars 
Sea DungeonWeakness:  Artilery
Best troops to send: War Galleons or Sloops

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