Thursday, April 12, 2012

Noobies FAQ

What are the biggest 3 secrets to becoming a awesome LoU player?
1.  Auto City Planner.  2.  Ministers.  3.  Lots of  time.   The computer is way faster than you at planning a great resource city.  For military, hub, and food cities, use premade layout or design your own.  Ministers cost money because they do a great job at managing your empire when you're no there.  You'll save so much time.  The more cities you have, the more of a need for ministers.  If you have the auto city planner and ministers, you can install other extensions to add shortcuts and save even more time.  The more time you spend on the game, the higher score you have.

What's the ideal Construction Speed (CS) in a city?
2000% is what's recommended for a resource city.  That means 19 cottages.  When you increase your CS from research and shrine bonus, you don't need to build cottages for CS.  Just build the amount that gives you max resource according to the auto planner.  For military, food, gold, and hubs, build 35 or so cottages and level them to lvl 6 first.  Then build the rest of the city.  Then demo cottages and replace them with permanent buildings.

What's the ideal production or hourly rate should I be producing in each resource city?
80k/hour.  Food counts as half.  Build mixed resource cities (wood/stone/iron/food) as recommended in the auto planner.  Aim for 80k/hr of total production.  Minimum 70k/hr.  Some cities can get over 90k/hr if settled in a good spot and has good natural resource layout.

When should I build my first castle?
Since the update of March 13, 2012, the rules has changed.  Ideally, you should castle your third city so you can get a free fourth city.  In other words, you don't have to research title advancement every fourth city if you have X number of castles out of 4X total number of cities.  However, castling your third city is hard if you're not in a major alliance that can protect you during this vulnerable time.  You will also be limited by resources to build a full castle.  So your first castle (third city) will be a "pseudo" castle.  A hybrid between resource and military.  This is the only time I will recommend this type of castle.  You can, optionally, change it into a full castle (all military) later, although I don't because it would require too much time.

[Your 10th city.  10 is an arbitrary number, but you basically need enough wood and especially stone to build a full castle, towers and walls.  You need iron or wood to recruit troops, food to feed them, and enough defense in case your castle get attacked.  I would build 5 resource cities, 1 gold city/hub, 1 food city, 2 defensive cities before I build a castle.  My first castle is not used for attacking but for raiding.  I don't attack people for fun.  I usually only attack when they are a threat to me or my alliance.]

How many men should I send to a dungeon or boss?
Depending on the level of the boss or dungeon.  See my post here.

If you want to know anything else, ask me.


  1. so if you have a resource city that is under 70K per hour what would you recomend doing with it?

    say its at max lvl and buildings would you put it down to bad planing and leave it alone or abadon it and start again?

  2. The short answer is that I would use the move building feature to move buildings around and then leave it alone. If it's so bad beyond repair, I will probably abandon it. If you have an example, I can be more specific.

    The long answer is depends on where you are in the game. Remember that the greatest currency of the game is your time. You can use your time trying to fix the city, or you can use your time building another city.
    - At the beginning of the game, I would probably spend more time trying to fix the city, maybe move buildings around, destroy and rebuild a couple of key buildings.
    - Later during the game, you should primarily be building food cities and military cities for raiding. Military cities can bring in up to 10 times a resource city can bring. If I have a bad resource city (e.g. I took a lawless), I would be more likely to abandon it. If I really like the location, I would build a castle, have my alliance destroy it to 7 pt, and build a military city in its place.
    - Late stage of the game when I can barely manage my empire, I probably just leave it alone. My time is better use building my empire. One city doesn't really make a difference. I just build a moonglow tower and let it purifies whatever it makes.

    1. while I'm waiting for 16 bldg. upgrades, I test move my resource bldgs. If I get a higher output I move. It also works for warehouses and hideouts to raise their capacity.