Saturday, April 14, 2012

Double Crown

We won in World 38!  If you're curious of what a top player empire looks like, check out my stats below:

Stats at time of winning:
- Rank: 1 
- Score: 10,607,533
- Number of cities: 1001  (that's max any player can have)
- Number of Castles: 442
- Number of Palaces: 33
- Palace Resource Contribution: Over 13 Billion!
- Offense TS:  77 Million
- Defense TS: 34 Million
- Total Fame: 6.5 Million
- Plundering: 345 Billion!
- Units Defeated: 36 Million
- Passive Income Rate: 8.3M wood, 8.2M stone, 6.8M iron, 7.8M food, and 269k gold PER HOUR
- Unused Purified Resources: 13M Darkwood, 11M Runestone, 15M Veritium, 14M Trueseed, and 17B Gold


  1. congrats on your win...thanks for the blog ive found it very helpful...any more info you have to share would be amazing:)

  2. Thanks. Let me know if you want to info on any specific subjects.

  3. Hey sleep, are you still playing? What world are you on these days. I am back, joined 75 & 83. -- Ofudd

    1. Yeah, I'm still playing. I've been playing since our first world on 20. I actually just got my 3rd crown on 69. I just started on 83 for about 2 weeks. I'm going to stay until the next west coast world opens and then I'll probably leave to play with my alliance.

      Good to hear from you old friend!

  4. how do you play on 2 different worlds at the same time??